Pipe Fittings
Our Company deals with manufacturing and supplying of large number of Pipe Fittings that are widely used to make connections in between the various types of flow channels to allow the efficient transportation of the liquid from one place to another.
Water Pipes

The range of Water Pipes availed by us are fabricated by using top quality engineering materials that make them useful in variable pressure applications. These are available in various different types, designs and dimensions as per the area of application.

Clamps are the small joining devices that are used to make a rigid and firm connection in between two mating parts usually in pipes to make a continuous channel for the uniform flow of water and different types of fluid through the system. 
Weld in Saddle

Weld in Saddle are the small connecting threaded joints that can be weld over the surface of larger pipe to make a series of connection from them for the transportation of liquid from a single source to a number of containers at the same time.

Ball Valves
Ball Valves are the devices that are designed to control the flow rate and to completely open or close a fluid flowing channel. These are provided with a pivoting ball which is fabricated with stainless steel to act as a barrier for the liquid.
FRP Gratings
FRP grating are the netted elements that are fabricated by using top grade materials that are reinforced with the help of fibre glass and are widely used over the underground and rainwater channels to separate the solid waste present in the water. 
FRP Cable Tray
FRP Cable Tray are the supporting elements that are used as a housing for the large number of wires that are used to make electrical connections in a residential, commercial or industrial building. 
FRP Bench
FRP Bench availed by us are especially designed for the seating in the public areas like parks, schools, universities, gardens etc. They are available in various different dimensions and are capable to near heavy loads.
FRP Staircase
FRP Staircase are the heavy duty structures that are manufactured to provide a system which facilitate the travel from one floor to another vertically. These are made up of high quality materials which make them durable and reliable.
Manifold System
Manifold System offered by our company, is a fluid or gas distribution system or device that serves to bring many junctions into one place or a single channel into an area where many points meet. This is used in hydraulics as well as pneumatics, and can be used to mount valves or to consolidate plumbing.
Industrial Piping
Viral Enterprise is a big name which deals in the manufacturing and supplying of the premium quality heavy duty Industrial Piping elements that are designed to create high pressure resistant flow channels for the smoother transportation of the fluids.
Non Return Valve

Non-Return Valve provided is used to prevent back flow of fluid, which could damage equipment or upset the process. The function of this valve is to limit the flow of fluid through it one direction. This valve is very effective, easy to install as well as simple to operate.


FRP Rail
Air Filter Regulator offered by our company is used to control the speed and precision of the flow of liquids and air, whereas the filter cleans the air that travels from the compressor. This regulator is used to remove liquid water and particulate matter from compressed air sources.
FRP Earth Pit Chamber
FRP Earth Pit Chamber is ideal to be used in earthing and lightning protection installation. This chamber is perfect to provide secure protection for all earthing terminations. This chamber is manufactured using optimum grade plastic for ensuring its excellent mechanical strength. Due to their low maintenance and durability; this is highly commended.

Pipe Support Slotted Channel
Pipe Support Slotted Channel is a series of threaded rod and metal channel used to form a ceiling-mounted support structure for anything from lighting, to injectors, to overhead system components. This channel is used to mount, brace, support, and connect lightweight structural loads in building construction.